The Story of Jane

Jane is a charity worker who spends a lot of her time networking with people in an effort to raise money for the charity that she works with.

Jane sought the services of a phobia therapist to get phobia help with a problem of terrible shaking when holding drinks, from alcoholic beverages to even cups of tea.

Dear Jane would start spilling wine (how wasteful) and spraying people with tea or coffee as she neared them to the point where she was obsessed with her phobia and made it her hobby.

In Jane’s search for a phobia therapist, Jane had researched that I had worked with Paul McKenna and rang me for help.

I work in a very practical manner and seek to shift people’s habits by using safe exercises to assist them in overcoming fears.

I established rapport with Jane, who has a very charismatic sense of humour. Gently we unravelled her phobia and used her humour to our advantage to make the changes she wanted.

To most people holding a full glass of water and imagining “Flopsy rabbit”  then shouting loud in her head “get out of here!” in an effort overcoming fears would seem ridiculous to say the least….however that exercise and a guided bespoke recording that we made together has helped Jane to join conferences and re-enter the world of public speaking smartly in just three sessions.


Jane has moved to a more challenging role in another charity and is using her newfound assertiveness to ring in the changes.

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