The Story of Drin

Drin calls me from rural France where she explains that she is a teacher in a French school,  originating from the UK and now domiciled in France she was struggling with panic attacks and anxiety, as well as a number of other issues. Drin was struggling to find help in France and contacted me in a last ditch attempt to resolve her fears… A date was arranged she emailed me her pre-session form…very interesting reading indeed…2 weeks later Drin attended the office and I knew straight away that we would be getting some great work done.

Drin sadly had not had a good experience with a past therapist, who was ‘unprofessional’ towards her and trust in men, in particular, was the first challenge we together we resolved very quickly. I explained how anxiety works in relation to her particular issues and taught Drin practical techniques to deal with her various issues and fears…We had a lot of success during the session in transforming her and she responded extremely well to trance.

Her willingness and trust in my ability  to help her allowed the techniques to work very well indeed…we recorded a bespoke track and she was supplied with a number of my motivational recordings which still to this day listens to this day.


Just recently Drin contacted me as her mother sadly suffered a stroke during a routine operation. As part of my customer service and commitment to Drin, I made her a complimentary bespoke recording to help her gather strength for a very testing time in her life …She tells me she is sleeping so much better now and is able to rationalise the effect that her mother’s illness has had on her life…



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