The Story of Andrew

Andrew turned called me to help him to become a fully licensed ‘green badge’ holder and therefore a London Cab driver it has been his dream for over twenty years.

So Andy is a cab driver who currently holds a ‘yellow badge’ and has a wish to further his career to earn the coveted ‘green badge’ that will enable him to take London’s public around. Andy has all of the desire but was held back by the following issues:

• To relay the information that he has in his head to the examiners when he was going for the many tests that cabbies have to pass called ‘appearances’
• To remember the ‘points’ and London hot spots
• The motivation to carry on with ‘the knowledge’ examinations
• Practising the five main cognitive behavioural elements…I helped him on his way…

We examined his life cycle to establish how important this was and where it was in his “life priorities matrix” and cognitive behavioural exercises to ensure.

A whiteboard blast of his “thought processes” really showed and helped Andrew establish why he needed to control his thought processes utilising CBT and NLP.

A session of cognitive behavioural therapy on challenging and controlling negative into positive using the “Switch” technique really helped Andrew refocus his ‘emotional energy.’

During one of the sessions, we went through the physical feelings that Andrew experienced in his body and reversed them into ‘positive’ energies that empowered him to move towards his goals…!

Andrew and I went through a number of practical ‘hands-on’ exercises which enabled him to use cognitive behavioural therapy when he was out in the street of London putting theory into practice…

Andrew continues to execute the plans that we worked on and will soon be able to drive you around London whilst proudly displaying his well earned green badge!


Andrew came to see me recently to quit smoking and now has his Green Badge and he is living the dream guvnor!

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