Quitting Smoking

Deep Down, Every Smoker
Wants to be a Non-Smoker

If you’re ready to walk away from your dependence on cigarettes, I can show you how. Using an effective and completely safe combination of NLP and Cognitive hypnosis I will work one to one with you, to undo the years of self-conditioning which used to make you believe you needed to smoke.

I have been helping clients and teaching other therapists to help people successfully stop smoking for many years. Many clients are referred to me by doctors,dentists and other health professionals who recognise the effectiveness of my work.

Of course there’s nothing like word of mouth and the biggest referral will come from you and your families who see that results speak so much louder than words.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Perhaps you’re still a little wary of ‘miracle’ cures when it comes to smoking. You might already have tried nicotine replacement therapies, such as gum, inhalers or patches – maybe even just so called “willpower” – only to find yourself smoking again eventually.

Here's the Good News

In just under two hours I can rid you of your smoking habit.

Using proven Neuro-Linguistic and hypnotic therapies we will get to the heart of why you feel you need to smoke – we examine how you talk about smoking, as well as how it makes you feel – All of these factors contribute towards why you really continue to smoke.

I will then re-wire your thinking to accept the truth: You don’t need or want to smoke anymore. Forget to remember…forget to remember…

My Track Record in
Helping Smokers Stop for Good

I have been helping smokers quit their habit for many years – Having trained in NLP and hypnosis alongside the world-famous Paul McKenna, I deliver the most effective and permanent treatment available.

The cost of this one-off treatment is just £475.00. If you smoke twenty a day then you’ll have recovered that in just one month.