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Tim Martin at the Mind Boutique has a long and highly successful track-record that stretches back over 15 years.
Through a combination of NLP, CBT and Hynotherapy, Tim’s clients feel stronger, calmer and more able to cope.


I have been using NLP for many years and with great success. It works by studying and replicating highly effective behaviour, which makes it particularly useful for clients facing personal development challenges such as improving performance and communication.

Behavioural Therapy

CBT is an extremely efficient way of changing the way a person thinks. By reframing a client’s thoughts around a certain subject, I can help them change harmful and negative thinking patterns into helpful, positive behaviour, and deal with depression, phobias and even overcome alcohol dependence.


I am a fully qualified and hugely experienced hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy places a client in a state of deep relaxation where they are able to focus on their thoughts, without feeling out of control. With complete calm, my clients learn how to process challenges and make positive decisions.

Do you want to feel stronger, calmer and more able to cope?