My Process

Experience has shown me that and integrative therapeutic approach is the most effective way to get the results you desire

Tim Martin Hpd

First Contact

Clients arrive at my clinic mainly as a result or referrals by past clients and from other health professionals. Sometimes people arrive at this website. I understand that all my clients are completely different and their needs and expectations vary massively.

That’s why I have devised an intuitive blend of Advanced coaching Cog. Hypnosis CBT and NLP techniques to deliver the very best results for you.

To ensure that we can work together, I like to speak to you before I book you in for an appointment. Sometimes I will ask you to complete a small questionnaire if necessary.

How the Sessions Work

After communicating with you for the first time I will have made an assessment of your requirements and the outcomes that you require.

On arrival at the clinic I will establish further details and will fully explain the process and treatments that I have in mind to obtain the results you want. My personal style is that I teach you the techniques rather than just ‘perform’ them on you.

We will check that the treatments have been effective and then I will provide you with whatever resources you need to move forwards to the next session. I will then also be able to let you know how many other sessions you may require and their frequency.

Working it Through...

You will always get a follow up call from me to see how the work we have done is coming along. Sometimes there are occasions where we will stay in contact and I will continue to support you ‘offline’ .

At the conclusion of the session I will explain how and when I can support you and also if there is a need for further telephone / skype support and coaching the fees that will be required, if any are required to be levied.

I'm Always Here...

I am a real believer in giving the best customer service that I can. I am passionate about the success you gain in your life as a result of helping you and I like to maintain contact with my clients to ensure they are doing well and establishing if further support or help is required.

As you will read from satisfied clients the ‘after service’ care is unequalled in this industry…..You will know that you can always call me for help and advice even at weekends, if your life circumstances change I will be there for you no matter how many years go by.