Improving Self Confidence

Self Confidence - Building Faith in Yourself

Everyone suffers situations where they may feel nervous, anxious or lacking in self-confidence. These might involve things such as speaking up for yourself, meeting new people or simply dealing with everyday events on your own.

Alternatively, you may be experiencing anxiety about a more specific event – such as giving a key presentation at work, overcoming your nerves for an important job interview or a big audition. For many people the thought of speaking in public – even at a happy occasion such as a wedding – can fill them with dread.

The Good News is Self Confidence Really Can Be Learned and Built On

Previous clients I have helped to improve their self-confidence include:

  • Mothers returning to work
  • Partners recovering from breakups
  • Students or professionals facing important exams
  • Business people dealing with workplace issues
  • Sports stars achieving maximum performance
  • Actors gaining work or overcoming ‘stage-fright

Becoming more confident can have much wider benefits than just feeling able to deal with a specific event or life in general. Reducing your anxiety levels can pay dividends in terms of your physical health too.

In addition, there are gains from simply feeling more at ease with yourself. For example – Being able to cope with social situations,increased performance at work, not to mention simply feeling happier and more at home in your own skin.

How I Can Help

I will work one to one with you to unmask the core self-beliefs that may be affecting your confidence,before deciding on a treatment plan which will be tailored specifically for you.

Using a highly effective combination of integrative therapies, including CBT, NLP and cognitive Hypnotherapy, I will help you to challenge harmful self-beliefs and build on your own strengths to improve your confidence. These strategies will enable you to develop faith in your own abilities, embrace positive self-belief and enable you to enjoy a greater sense of well-being.

Where it is necessary we will test the progress in a social or other real life situation so you can see for yourself how effective you can be…I will also provide you with generic MP3’s and in some cases a bespoke recording to help you in between sessions.