Fear of Flying

What is Fear of Flying?

Fear of flying is common – as many as one in five people experience it at some point in their lives. It can occur even when you have previously been a comfortable flyer. As with other phobias, fear of flying is a learned response, and you can un-learn it. Unlike single issue phobias (spiders etc.), fear of flying can comprise of a number of different phobias – ranging from small spaces to the sound of the engine. A phobia is a largely irrational fear which is not easily cured with rational argument. Once triggered, the fear of flying is often made worse by a lack of control over the imagination – thoughts running away to create the worst case scenario, compounding the fear, and making it worse the next time you fly.

Why Does
Fear of Flying Develop?

Reasons for people developing fear of flying are varied and can include a bad flight experience, news coverage of a crash, or in people coping with a high level of ‘normal’ stress over an extended period. The added stress of flying can take them into the realms of anxiety or panic.

Effects of
Fear of Flying

Fear of flying causes many people to have reduced self-esteem/self-respect, as a result of not being in control and knowing that the fear is irrational. Some people experiencing fear of flying turn to alcohol or medication to get them through the flights, and for some it can have a large impact on their job if they are required to travel.

Top Tips to Help Cope

  • Carry sweets/mints or a bottle of water – a dry mouth can signal ‘fear’ to the brain.
  • Use a ‘fly with confidence’ MP3 (The Mind Boutique can supply these).
  • Move around once in a while during the flight – this will prevent you getting into a ‘stuck’ state.
  • Control your imagination by thinking of other things – bring a book, a word puzzle, listen to an audio book, watch your favourite videos on your iPad or take advantage of the in flight entertainment.
  • Treat the journey as a valuable “Me time” where you can indulge yourself dreaming or creating your future outcomes….
  • Have a meal plan – pre-order your meals to break up the journey and plan naps according to the distance that you are travelling so you arrive refreshed.
  • …modelling. Model your attitude on comfortable flyers who often think –‘if this plane is going to crash, there is nothing I can do about it, so I may as well forget it.’
How I Can Help

Bespoke fly with confidence session

I can help you overcome your fear of flying for good. It will usually take between two to three sessions, but may be dealt with in less time if you book in for one of my breakthrough sessions.

Fly now recordings

You may be provided with my ‘Fly with Confidence’ MP3 to listen to on your journey. Alternatively, if appropriate you may really benefit from a crafted bespoke MP3s created especially for you by me at the clinic.