Welcome to
the Mind Boutique

Hi, I am Tim Martin owner of The Harley Street Mind Boutique, London.

You are probably reading this page as a result of hearing about me from a close family friend, family member, GP or other health professional.

I have developed effective and proven methods by integrating practical therapy and personal development programmes which will enable you to make a real change in your life for the better.

My approach and core services are tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking to solve a personal problem or seeking an objective viewpoint on what your options are, I offer a discreet, incisive and non-judgemental practical help.

After 21+ years at my Harley Street clinic, I genuinely still “buzz” at the prospect of meeting new people and helping them move forward in their lives.

I look forward to meeting you very soon.

Do you want to feel stronger, calmer and more able to cope?


I have been using NLP for many years and with great success. It works by studying and replicating highly effective behaviour, which makes it particularly useful for clients facing personal development challenges such as improving performance and communication.

Behavioural Therapy

CBT is an extremely efficient way of changing the way a person thinks. By reframing a client’s thoughts around a certain subject, I can help them change harmful and negative thinking patterns into helpful, positive behaviour, and deal with depression, phobias and even overcome alcohol dependence.


I am a fully qualified and hugely experienced hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy places a client in a state of deep relaxation where they are able to focus on their thoughts, without feeling out of control. With complete calm, my clients learn how to process challenges and make positive decisions.

Unrivalled Accessibility

I believe a therapist has a very great duty of care to his or her clients; so in addition to my scheduled one-on-one and drop-in sessions, you will receive my e-book and a series of podcasts covering a wide spectrum of support. Simply reading or listening to my advice will help you feel calmer and more in control.

My clients are my greatest advocates

Make personal, positive changes to your life working with Tim at his Harley Street clinic in London.

Hundreds of others who are so satisfied with Tim’s approach they are prepared to recommend his services.

Tim's warmth and humour will put you at ease the moment he opens his door. I have known Tim for a number of years now, he has worked with and helped two of my children and with myself. We have gained so much from knowing him. Tim has an ability to imbue one with a confidence you didn't know you possessed - I have seen my son walk out of a session with Tim two inches taller than when he went in, my daughter has conquered her nervousness in interviews, and I am sleeping better than I have in years. In describing Tim, I would say he is the Lionel Loake of the therapy world - slightly unorthodox in manner, but achieves the most stunning results. I couldn't recommend Tim highly enough - he cares, and he doesn't stop caring.
Tim get’s things done, he’s been there for me for a few years as a mentor and coach and as a valued friend…If I have a new idea or venture Tim is the first person I call upon…he’s fun yet and is professional and put’s people at ease…If you are fortunate enough to get to sit in his sessions then do you will learn a hell of a lot.
Tim has been a great friend and mentor to me at Harley Street, his support has helped me to realise my potential as an author and radio presenter and enabled me to get the confidence to take my career to Canada where he continues to support me via skype…
Companies and press I have helped
I have worked with Credit Suisse
I have worked with The Priory Clinic
I have helped staff at J.P.Morgan
I have helped staff who work at Apple
I have been published in Cosmopolitan magazine
I have been published in Waitrose Weekend magazine
I have worked with Samaritans
I have been featured in the Tatler Doctors Guide 2013
I have been featured in The Telegraph newspaper
I have worked with Carat